Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Where has the time gone?

It seems ages since my last blog. We've had visitors, S, J & M came all the way from Scotland and stayed with us for 2 weeks. It was the quickest two weeks of our time in LR so far.

We had a lot of fun, not least of all on the lake. It is an hours drive away but so worth a visit. We rented a party barge and a huge rubber doughnut (without the hole) to tow behind us. It transported us back to being kids. One or two 'kids' lie on the ring and are pulled along the river. Unfortunately C & M were the guinnea pigs and the first launch didn't quite go as planned. I blame it on the pilot (sorry J). A little too much thrust torpedoed C under water and M flying backwards into the water. M floated as she was on her back but C nose dived and when he tried to surface the doughnut was on his head. Luckily they both had life vests on but they got a bit of a fright. Sadly this put M off having another go. I eventually had a go after much deliberation. I'm so glad I did, it was hilarious. I even drove the boat but I think M was the best pilot of all, she's a natural. The best bit was when C & J went on the ring together, I piloted and tried my damndest to overturn them but they hung on for dear life. I did manage to lift them and the ring clean out of the water though and came so close to capsizing them. Will try harder next time. S doesn't like water so she sunbathed while the rest of us got wet.We also went to Memphis to see Elvis' pad. Very modest considering his wealth. It is one of those things that you need to do, especially if you are only a couple of hours drive away. And of course we went to the legendary Beale St. This, in my opinion is a bit seedy. Good music and atmosphere but I was glad to leave. After about 9.30 pm barriers are put up, people are searched before entering the street and there are a lot of cops around as I think they get a fair amount of trouble.

We have joined the pool and it is lovely to have a swim anytime it takes our fancy. M practically lived there, I think she enjoyed it most. I am going down there this afternoon with Londyn. She has no fear of water and I need to watch her like a hawk. She sinks, pops up again and snorts. No tears or trepidation, she just wants to be thrown in the air and land in the water.

It has got even more unbearably hot here. In fact it is getting on my wick now! I want cool air and a breeze. I long to be able to go for a long leisurely walk with the dogs. Another 4 weeks and my wish should be granted.

Here are some pics from our posh meal out for C's birthday.

And one last pic of me & M having a swim.Sorry about the layout, still finding my way round placing pics!

Friday, 9 July 2010

A brush with the law

We've only been here 5 minutes and the cops are already after 'im indoors. Well actually it was 'er indoors Mr Sheriff law man extraordinaire was looking for. Thankfully it wasn't Mrs K he was after, I'm a good girl. He blocked the driveway so there was no escape in a fast car from the garage.

He arrived 7.30am on Thursday morning waving a subpoena, but thankfully it wasn't us who had upset Uncle Sam it was the previous lady tenant. We have no idea what she's subpoenaed for. Chris had a nice friendly chat with Mr Sheriff right there on our drive. There was a lot of curtain twitching, me being one of them. What fun I could have with this photo. The neighbours probably think we are a bad lot now. Keeps them interested!

We had a fabulous 4th of July. It was chris' birthday and the Americans put on a fantastic firework display on the 3rd just for him - wasn't that kind. Then our lovely landlord/lady invited us to join them on their barge up on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs on the 4th. It was so relaxing putting along on the lake. The dogs and Chris enjoyed a swim while I sat back and got roasted. How I wish I had used stronger sun screen. The plan was to go downtown in the evening for another firework do but we didn't get home until almost 8pm and we were both worn out with relaxing in the sun so we gave that one a miss.

The bug man came and sprayed all around the house, hopefully this will keep the critters at bay. Apparently the water bugs like to live in tress and being that we have half a forest behind us I would rather they stayed there. I've found that they Yellow Pages is a handy weapon to have nearby.

The Scottish population has more than doubled today. J, S & M arrived last night at 10pm and we are so happy to have them here. Luckily it will be a little cooler for the next couple of days and not quite so sunny. This is good as it offers a little bit of acclimatising for them. We all had a good nights sleep, that will soon end when the temperature soars again. M is desperate to get into the pool so once breakfast is done we will head down so she can have a swim.

We are going out for a nice meal tonight. They asked if it was a special occasion so I told them it was Chris' birthday - I know it was last week but we are celebrating with our family tonight. I think he will get his name written in chocolate on his pudding!

Off to enjoy our visitors now.