Monday, 19 April 2010

Saturday 17th April 2010

I will remember this night with much affection. It was my grand send off from my lovely Library colleagues. We went to the Pump House in Bristol, had a fabulous meal with lots of wine and laughter - except for the bit where I blubbed, ah well it was predicted.

I was so pleased with my gifts especially the print of the M32, now that might sound a bit weird but considering I have spent quite a bit of my life on the M32 it was very apt and a keen reminder of my time in Bristol. We were eventually slung out of the Pump House just gone midnight and Kate had the brilliant idea that we should take our little party elsewhere. 9 of us ended up in King St until after 2 in the morning - where did the time go? Wasn't too special the next day but I think I was more tired than hungover - yeah that old cherry!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Geez a Job

Well, as from today I am officially unemployed, first time in 32 years so not bad at all. Of course this was entirely voluntary so no complaints.

How does it feel? No idea, far too busy deciding what to take, what to put into storage? should I clean some of the rooms instead? Should I do a bit of clothes packing? Or should I hope that the magic fairy may wave her wand and it will all be done for me?

No magic fairy on the horizon so I am, by the way, doing this all by myself today as Chris is, in his own words, 'broken'. Translated this means that he is suffering the after affects from alcohol. He had his works cheerio bash last night. Unusually he didn't seem to bad when he came to bed but perhaps the booze hadn't finished doing its magic. So he is in bed looking very pale so I have decided to leave him there to recover.

I said goodbye to many colleagues yesterday, I didn't feel morose as I have my night out with the ones who mean a lot to me on Saturday. I am looking forward to it but feeling that I might feel a lot sad at the end of the night.

Maybe I will be 'broken' on Sunday and Chris will have to do the chores all by himself.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I've just realised that I am in AS time as I have set my address for America, it's only 11am and I already feel like I have put in a full days work :-)

29 days to go

I have finished my last full week of work, off to Scotland next week, then 1.5 days of work and then I am unemployed. I have NEVER been unemployed but am actually looking forward to it. I can do whatever I want in AS, within reason of course.

Does anyone want to buy a Bora?