Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Crash bang wollop

Here are some pics of our holiday -

That's what the thunder storm is sounding like right now. We had a tornado warning last night, luckily it didn't touch down in our area. According to the news 3 were reported in Arkansas. I wasn't too perturbed by it as Chris is still here but it may be a different story after he leaves. This is early in the season and we have another 2 months to go.

There's something soothing about being indoors when a storm is whipping up outside. The sky is black and the rain is pelting down. The forecast say we may have golf ball sized hail, thank goodness our garage can accomodate both cars. I now realise that my noggin is very sensitive to air pressure. I get a mammoth headache each time a storm is on its way then as soon as it passes so does the headache. This one is reported to be around for another 5 hours!

We just got back from our holiday in Destin, Flordia. There is an exchange post there too and how I wish we had been eligible for it. It is a beautiful place, aptly named the Emerald Coast. The sea is an amazing green colour with whiter than white sand. We really had a relaxing time, apart from our fishing trip; the high flier was sick twice and didn't catch anything worth keeping. Luckily I caught a king mackerel that was able to feed us for a few days.

'Im indoors had finally got his leavin date and will abandon me on the 5th May. I am going to imerse myself back into looking after all the little homeless dogs. I have our first dog washing session on the 7th to raise funds for the shelter. I did this last year and it was such a lovely thing to be invloved in.

The pool is having its annual maintenace ready for opening at the end of next month. I've offered my services there too, basically to help out with little maintenance jobs. It will be a good way to meet some more of the neighbours.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

More logs please

Well I am just back from a BBQ in Lonoke County, way out in the sticks. So far out in the sticks that when the fire needed more logs they got on their 4x4 and went into the woods and chopped down a cool is that?