Saturday, 22 January 2011


My dogs and I have just walked 3.5 miles around the base trail of Pinnacle Mountain. It was so nice; clear blue skies and a little snow still nestling amongst the fallen leaves. It is such a naturally beautiful place and I am lucky to have it on my doorstep. I chatted to at least 4 people en route who were interested in the dogs. I may even have convinced an older couple that a Cairn Terrier is the ideal dog for them.

I have been on my own for the past two days. The High Flyer has been down in San Antonio. He is due back tonight if they can fix the bit on the plane that has broken. I've had a nice time though, met the girls for lunch yesterday and had my lovely walk today.

Curry is on the menu tonight - all home made as the curry's here are not real curry.

My older dog Ciara has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. It is a benign tumor on the pituitary gland. By a complete fluke my friend C was able to diagnose it while she looked after her while I was in the UK. Her dog Kadarka has the same condition and the main symptoms are drinking loads and peeing loads. I had noticed that C was drinking more than usual but as they have a flap to the garden I didn't notice the peeing thing. Serendipitous I think, it could have gone on for a long time and I wouldn't have realised. We have caught it in the very early stages so she will start taking a pill which is chemo based and can have some nasty side effects. But as it is in early stages she is on a very small dose and the vet doesn't think she should have much trouble. The disease can't be cured so we have to manage it as best we can. She doesn't look or act ill at all so I am ok with it at the moment. I will keep positive and hope that it doesn't affect her life in an adverse way. She's my little baby.

Ok curry making time..............

Friday, 14 January 2011

Only in America!

I was out walking Millie this morning and saw a snowman wearing a holster and pistol.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Proof is in the Photo

See it does snow here. This is the 4th day after it snowed so a lot has already gone. It is very pretty with a stunning blue sky back drop. It should stay with us until Saturday then the temps are on the up. Is it me? Everywhere I go it snows, must be the Scottishness in me. I'm jet lagged today. Was reading a book on my lovely new iPad at 5am this morning. The good thing about reading on my iPad is that there is no noise turning pages, you don't need a light on to see it and you can enlarge the text. I like it a lot. It does go against the grain though being a librarian. I can see the demise of the good old hard copy - no attack on trees, less shelf space, make the text as large as you wish. I resisted the temptation to read e-books for a long time but the time has come to admit that I quite like this format. Sorry books but I fear the end is nigh in the Kelly household, you served us well. RIP

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My trip back to the UK - what I did and what I learned

What I Did
  • Caught up with family and friends
  • Had a brilliant Christmas and New Year
  • Visited my old work place and caught up with my lovely colleagues
  • Ate way too much
  • Drank more than way too much
  • Slept in 7 beds
  • Forgot to exercise
  • Remembered to stay on the left side while driving

What I Learned
  • Home is where you lay your hat
  • Good bed pillows are vitally important
  • Hanging around airports waiting for planes that aren't going anywhere sucks
  • It also snows in Arkansas
  • Missed my dogs a lot
  • I am an ambidextrous there such a thing?!
  • Little Rock is a lovely place to live and I realise that I have been given a great opportunity
  • I miss Indian food
  • Yarn shops are much better in Bristol than Little Rock
  • Too much alcohol isn't good for me