Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My trip back to the UK - what I did and what I learned

What I Did
  • Caught up with family and friends
  • Had a brilliant Christmas and New Year
  • Visited my old work place and caught up with my lovely colleagues
  • Ate way too much
  • Drank more than way too much
  • Slept in 7 beds
  • Forgot to exercise
  • Remembered to stay on the left side while driving

What I Learned
  • Home is where you lay your hat
  • Good bed pillows are vitally important
  • Hanging around airports waiting for planes that aren't going anywhere sucks
  • It also snows in Arkansas
  • Missed my dogs a lot
  • I am an ambidextrous there such a thing?!
  • Little Rock is a lovely place to live and I realise that I have been given a great opportunity
  • I miss Indian food
  • Yarn shops are much better in Bristol than Little Rock
  • Too much alcohol isn't good for me

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