Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Must be settling in ......

.....as it has been over a month since I last posted. I suppose I have adopted a more structured routine as the weeks go by and my blogging has taken a back seat.

Not a lot has happened though; Chris has finally finished his training leg. He officially joins 41st squadron today and he can now look forward to being just another Pilot instead of the guy whose training. Although I doubt he will ever become inconspicuous as the Scottish thing does tend to make us stand out from the crowd. We do get asked to 'say something just so I can listen to you talk' quite often. What do you say when you are asked to do this! It always strikes up a conversation either way.

I am on a get fit regime. I think I mentioned this in my last post. Well I am now on week 4 of Podcast runner. Phew! I'm sure I'm not programmed for this kind of activity, it's so blooming knackering. However, I did manage to run 1.5 miles yesterday, albeit with a couple of walks in between. The humidity has returned, not as bad as it has been but enough to make my running doubly difficult. Roll on the cooler weather.

Speaking of the weather; don't we always :) It has got cooler, we tip into the 90's in the afternoon but the mornings are cooler, around the 80's but the humidity pumps that temp up a bit. The trees are also starting to turn colour. There are little clusters of autumn gold patchwork which is so pretty. It is going to be an awesome sight when true autumn arrives. Think Westonbirt Arboretum and apply a scale of 1" to the mile and then some. I will take some photos for you soon.

We are managing to explore more now. We took the dogs to Pinnacle State Park one night last week for a walk and it is simply beautiful and serene. There were some rock climbers on the quarry and apart from that we met one other woman out for a walk. There is a panoramic view point that overlooks Lake Maumelle and to the North of Arkansas - stunning.

We also took a trip to Burns Park, about 10 minutes in the car. This park is huge and has everything you can think of. Tennis, Golf, Cricket, cycling tracks and much more. The dogs had a good walk and C and I just enjoyed the stroll. We haven't played golf for months so we need to get that back on track or should that be back on the fairway. Hopefully Chris will get some days off now that he is on a proper squadron.

I have been to a couple of social evenings recently. The first one was a Bunko night; a dice playing game which took a while to understand. It was fun and I came away with $20 for having the most Bunko's. This is a monthly event so I will go along again. The other social was at someones house. Cupcakes and cocktails. I wasn't drinking as I had to drive so I did feel a little bit out of it. I spent most of the evening talking to the Base Commander's wife who was really lovely. The Base Commander is the head honcho of the entire base! I did meet a couple of other girls but as Chris wasn't on the squadron at that time no-one knew who he was. Perhaps as time goes on we will get to know more people from the squadron.

I have decided to investigate becoming a volunteer for the Humane Society. I miss working so much and need something to fill the gap. I've contacted them and there is a volunteer's orientation day on the 13th September so I am going along to find out a bit more. My only concern is that I will be easily upset by some of the sights. This is an organisation that rescues and cares for abused or abandoned animals. I must try and put my emotions to one side and focus on the end result which is to rehabilitate and re home. I will happily do whatever I can to help; walking, cleaning, admin - whatever it takes. I will update you next month on the outcome.

Our dear friends K&E are coming to visit soon, whoop whoop. Can't wait to see some familiar faces and have some fun. Roll on October.

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  1. Hi - looks as though you're having fun. Bunko sounds a blast especially if you make a profit! We've had a good summer and the kids are now back at school. I've plucked up courage to organise some knitting workshops and start college next Wednesday. Need to get organised! Enjoy your first 'fall'. J x