Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Fall aka Autumn

It is officially Fall here and the weather knows it. It is positively cool in the morning and in the evening but clear blue skies and warm(ish) sunshine in the day - perfect. I had to reach into the back of the closet for my cardie and C has burrowed in the drawer for some socks. I believe there is a cold front hanging around us at the moment and this is making it a little bit cooler than normal. The forecast predicts it to be a little bit warmer next week. The trees are definitely turning but not enough to warrant showing you......yet!

I am now an official volunteer of the Humane Society of Pulaski County. My main job is walking the dogs on Mondays and Fridays as this is the only days I have free. I helped out at a dog washing event a couple of weeks ago and it was a real giggle. People brought their smelly pooches along and we bathed and cuddled them and gave them a massage all for $15, people were really generous and gave us way more than that. We raised over $1500 and all of this goes to the charity. Last Saturday 4 of us each took a dog to a department store to raise more funds and hopefully find parents for the dogs. It was a great success and 2 of the dogs have pending adoptions...result...back of the net.....way to go...happy days :-) I have managed to curtail the urge to bring them all home with me but it has been hard. There is one little girl called Shannon, she is probably a couple of years old and was so mistreated she had lost all her hair and has cauliflower ears through beating. In spite of this she is the friendliest most sedate dog who just wants to be talked to and petted. I hope she gets a good home, her hair has come in but she still has bald patches but her little tail wags whenever she is spoken to and she melts my heart.

I am on a keep fit regime at the moment. I have been doing my Couch to 5k running programme and am almost running 3 miles non stop. I've signed up for the Race for the Cure (Race for Life) on the 16th October). I have joined a Zumba class (thanks J for mentioning this in you blog), it is an aerobic class which combines various dance moves, rumba, hip hop, salsa and some other moves that my body hasn't quite managed to execute yet but it is a hoot! Belly dancing, yes that's right belly dancing. My first class will be on Thursday, my friend S did it at her last posting and has convinced me that I am missing out on life if I do not try this - details to follow.....I also climbed Pinnacle Mountain, it isn't a big mountain by any standards and can be climbed in 45 minuted to 1 hour. The ascent was tiered so wasn't difficult at all but we decided to take the descent on the opposite side and it was so steep Millie's little legs couldn't quite manage it so I had to carry her whilst trying to get foot holds in the rocks. I paid the price the next day with an aching back.

Chris is off on his first jolly on Thursday. He is flying to Colorado and will be away for 7 nights. I'm not looking forward to being on my own but I guess I have to be a big girl and get on with it. However, our dear friends K&E arrive on the 23rd and I can't wait. They are with us for a week and we are planning a trip to Missouri which should be fun.

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