Tuesday, 8 February 2011

February - when did that happen?

Not working plays havoc with my time clock. I have no idea what day or month it is. I cannot believe it is already February. It seems like a breath away since I was back in Blighty. That's a good thing.

I am trying to get in shape for the pool season. Firm up all those wobbly bits that creeped on over Christmas. I am somewhat compromised in the exercise department as I need to consider the effect on my ageing back. Walking seems to work so I am walking 5 miles almost daily. Millie is the fittest dog on the block now. I have found a lovely route around the golf course. It is traffic free for most of it.

Ok so it is a few days later....We had 8" of snow fall in one day. I was housebound and Chris was out of town. I was going stir crazy so I wrapped me and Millie up nice and warm and went off for a walk. That damn golf course! I got lost in the myriad of winding paths and didn't know where I was. Seeing as the streets were full of snow and the golf course seemed to have clear paths I decided to go on them. 2 hours later I managed to find my way back. It wasn't the best day to do this as it was very icy underfoot and I found myself on a main road with no foot paths. After asking someone for directions (women do this you know, take note men) I eventually got onto a street that I recognised.

Anyhow, the weather is back to being glorious blue skies, dry and warm. We sat in the garden today. Should be another beauty tomorrow too.

I have taken up yoga and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am still searching for exercise that doesn't make my back ache and I have been assured this should help. We'll see, I hope it does.

I have started booking my friends and relatives in for visits this year and I can't wait. So far I have 3 lots coming out, all when Chris is away on detachment. Looks like I am going to be kept busy.

I have a Sap Sucker in the garden. Comes from the woodpecker species. It has made a pretty pattern of squares all nicely lined up on the bark of the tree. I can hear it tapping away. They can do tremedous damage but seeing as the tree isn't very pretty I am happy for it to get its sap. There are some beautiful birds here. We have Red Cardinals that look a bit like a parrot but smaller. They are bright red with a crest on their head. I need to buy a book so I can identify them.

Hope all my bloggers are doing good and if you have news from home then send me it.

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  1. looks chilly! we're on half term this week and I, too, am trying to get fitter and a little slimmer. wentbto Swindon outlet and bought some new trackies - that counts!