Friday, 11 March 2011

Blogging sluggishness

Sorry I know it has been a while and I realise that I am a lazy blogger. Life just seems to be running away from me. Our first anniversary is at the end of next month - 1 year down - amazing how quickly it has gone.

My memory is rubbish so I need to rack my brains to see if there is important stuff to tell. Hmmm, not anything important so here is some drivel.

- Still on the keep fit regime and enjoying it. My 5 miles walks have progresses to walking/running. Not too elegantly I might add. Bought myself some Tone-up trainers and bought the wrong size. Sometimes a US8 is a UK6 but this time it was a UK5 and I didn't check. I soon realised something was wrong when my feet resembled bubble wrap...ouch. I have now invested in proper running shoes and abandoned the faddy footwear.

- Had a girls spa weekend courtesy of the husbands for Valentine's. We had a great girly giggly time and spent loads of money. Now planning our next trip away.

- C will be leaving me in May and I have lots of visitors lined up. It is imperative that he takes me out for lovely meals to sample new restaurants. I will then know which ones to take my visitors to.

- He is now an official Air Craft Commander so is back in charge. He dropped his first paratroopers which was exciting for him.

- There have been earthquakes in AR. About 40 miles north of here which was disturbing. They think that gas drilling created disturbance and caused the ground to quake. It was a sizeable one. C says he felt it during the night - I didn't feel a thing. They have halted the drilling for investigation. At least there are no more birds dropping out of the sky.

- My Ciara pup has been awfully ill; so much so that I thought we were going to lose her. She (and I) have had a rough week. She has been to the vet every day this week but we think we may have turned the corner. I was so worried about her. She still has a way to go and is very weak but there is now hope.

- I was supposed to be taking part in the St. Patrick's Day Parade tomorrow. I was going to represent the Humane Society with 11 others and some dogs. I had a great big sparkly green bow for my head but I had to cancel to look after Ciara. Shame, I was looking forward to it.

- I am a Yogi! I've taken up yoga twice a week which is helping my back. I really enjoy it and am getting bendier by the week. I feel refreshed after each session and am getting a lot out of it.

- I promise to try and be a better blogger before you all abandon me!

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