Tuesday, 29 June 2010

At least I enjoyed the drive

As you get older, do you find yourself doing weird things? Not concentrating on the task in hand? Not knowing what day it is, or what month for that matter? I'm sure it is an age thing.

I went to a knitting group tonight, a long way away - 60 miles round trip, when I got there the coffee shop was all locked up. Being my first visit my immediate thought was that I was in the wrong place but Amber's directions were so accurate. So I called Amber and got through to TGI Fridays - what is going on? Hm, must have entered the number incorrectly. So I called Collette and got her voice mail, left a message. Then BANG! Brain cells locked into gear - knitting club is Wednesday and not Tuesday!!!!! I just laughed, at myself by myself, passers by stared and then walked on - what an absolute twit.

Apart from that the day has been good. It was raining this morning and oh so welcome. The humidity was lower and the day had a fresher feel to it. The forecast says it will feel fresher this week, I am so looking forward to that. Perhaps sleep will not be interrupted as often if the nights are less hot.

I took London to the library for Story time and activities and it was really good, she enjoyed it. Lots of other ladies there too but I don't want to appear like a stalker so I will give it a couple of visits before I start muscling in on potential friends.

Chris has installed a garden flap for the dogs so we no longer have to remember to let them out for frequent potty visits. This is an Americanism, they all refer to their dogs pooping as going to the potty.

Just over 1 week until my visitors arrive, whoop whoop.

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  1. I am a part of the Cabot group. Looks like we are moving the meeting place. Check Ravelry ! Look forward to meeting you :)