Thursday, 10 June 2010

Who would have believed it?

Least of all me! I am a child minder, yes me. I would never had thought in a million years that I would be looking after a child and getting paid for it.

It happened in a kinda round about way, turns out our landlord dropped a very heavy hint to Chris that they were struggling to find someone to look after their 2o month old daughter Londyn. He was really fishing to see if I would be interested. My initial though was absolutely not but when I got thinking about it it sounded like quite a good idea. You see, this may be a way of meeting other people, I have already taken her to the book store for story time. There weren't any prospective friends there but I will go again. It gives me structure to my day. 3 days per week, 2-3 weeks per month from 8am - 5pm.

We are getting on famously, she is a sweet little thing and sleeps for 3 hours of the day. This gives me time to recharge my batteries. I take my hat off to child minders, it is hard work. She doesn't cry much and follows me around like a shadow. She loves the dogs, they are small compared to her Labrador.

I need to get my membership to the pool sorted and we can spend some time down there. She doesn't stop me doing anything I want to do either, she is young enough not to grumble about shopping. If I want to do some gardening she wants to help out too. In fact what ever I do she wants to help. Bonus factor is pocket money for me me me :-)

Our new furniture is starting to arrive. We now have our PC on a proper desk and no longer on the kitchen table, in the meantime the kitchen table will become our patio furniture.

We are off to a BBQ in Cabot on Saturday, this is the dry state but fear not Amber does like to have a tipple or two, so there will be alcohol. We might even meet some new friends. I have to be patient, we have only been here 5 minutes but I need some friends like my friends back home.

Chris has been working weird hours again this week and he has been busy with paperwork. We haven't quite got ourselves sorted with a social life yet, we must work on this as I believe this will be my life line.

I have some pics from our weekend in Washington which I am hoping to post soon.

Really looking forward to Sib, Jasey and Morgy coming over (translated Sally Anne, Jack & Morgan !) We are having a night in Memphis which will be nice as it will be new to us too. Only 4 weeks away now - the time is flying.


  1. We are so looking forward to it and now I am wishing I had opted for 3 weeks and let Jasie come home for work after the 2 weeks were up! Never mind if I save up we can go again.......although I am hoping Edna (Ed or Eddie as known in Arkansas) will be coming to visit us in Scotland soon.

  2. Hi Ed,

    Me and √Čilis were just having a look over your blog. Hope the childminding works out and you're all okay in the floods they've had there.

    All the best,