Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Millie's New Friend - or Foe?

She barked and barked so I had to go outside to see what the fuss was. Here's what I found, a rather annoyed terrapin. I think it must have nipped her, she was pawing at it and barking incessantly. I brought her indoors to give the little thing a chance to escape.

Ciara is also having a great time now that we have found a lake that she can swim in. She's got a new friend too, Sugar, the Labrador. She is our Landlord's and we were looking after her for a couple of nights. She does get a bit boisterous when she is playing and Ciara is not too keen on this behaviour. However, she will fight her to the death to get the ball first and she is a better swimmer than Sugar - that's my girl.

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