Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hallelujah for Good Neighbours

No I have not been converted to the Bible side. I left behind fantastic neighbours and that was hard but I just had to post tonight to say how great my new neighbours are. Tom on one side brought round some newly picked husks of sweetcorn and Barb the other side sent round some watermelon..............isn't that nice.


  1. That is nice, a lot more exotic than the asparagus and strawberries from our plot.

  2. Oh, you have no idea how much I would trade to be back with my lovely, worn in, familiar neighbours!
    Strawberries and asparagus BBQ'd - no competition

  3. Hi Ed - have you had your asparagus and watermelon soup yet? Sounds as if you're getting settled and your house looks great. Is that your pickup? G would be v. jealous. Missing you at knitting but looking forward to seeing what you make stateside. Will be back again soon. J x