Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In at the deep end.

Meet Londyn, my new charge. 20 months old and no trouble at all. We are getting on like a house on fire, there was no settling in period as she decided that she liked me from the offset. Good thing too as she was with me for almost 11 hours today! Her mum had to travel afar for an appointment and was held up. I did have the option of sending her to a nursery but I thought that wouldn't be fair on the little soul. So far so good.

Chris and I managed a game of golf yesterday. Only at one of the municipal courses which wasn't in the best of nick but good enough for us as we hadn't played for 2 months. No bunkers, that made me happy. We were both a bit rusty to start but got better as we went on. We had to stop half way round for refreshments as we were so hot and sweaty, even though we had a buggy. We are looking at options to join a club.

I went to a knitting group last night with my new best friends, Amber & Collette. I really like Amber, she is a social butterfly networking us newbies. I met Collette through Amber, she is really nice too and like me has only just arrived in LR. Unfortunately Amber is moving away in October so our time together is limited but Collete will be her for the same 3 years as me. We are planning on getting together on Saturday, husbands too and her 2 children aged 2 & 5. It will be nice if we can all strike up a friendship.

It is getting hotter here, 96 degrees today, this is the hottest it has been. I hear that the autumn is the best part of the year with all the trees changing colour. I am looking forward to that.

It was bizarre at Amber's BBQ last Saturday. We grilled outside, ate inside then when the sun went down sat outside round a fire pit in 85 degrees of heat and humidity! The circle of chairs got ever wider but at least it kept some of bugs away.

Washington pics here

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  1. Hi Ed & Chris

    Glad you are settling in and making friends. Have read your blog with interest (I'm on blogspot too, only because son Andrew thought it was the easiest way for his Dad to have a web presence: http://earthhistorya.blogspot.com/)

    I was initially concerned about you when I read there had been serious flooding in Arkansas but it seems you are well away from the area as you don't mention it....I guess the state is bigger than the UK?

    I took my Mum out on her 92nd birthday on Tuesday - to Tintern Abbey - which is why I'm at work today. Weather lovely - I don't think I could stand it in the upper 90s like you have been experiencing but I suppose you get used to it?

    Andrew has been filming with a former 'Z Cars' actor and has been interviewed online....Emma lost all interest in completing her second year in VIth form and has landed a job at Waitrose which she hopes will take her up to next September (2011) when she will be old enough to start her police training at Filton College.

    Best wishes