Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The aliens have landed

At last we have touch down. What a day!

We should have arrived yesterday but missed our connecting flight out of Charlotte, North Caroline due to the plane leaving late from Washington. Spent a night at the Sheraton hotel which was quite nice, got a plane this morning at 9.30 and arrived here at 10.30. The flight is actually 2 hours but there is a 1 hour time difference.

Al, the guy who Chris is taking over from was at the airport to meet and greet us and we hit the road running. First up, A trip to the air base to get some ID. Apparently you don't exist if you don't have ID and can do nothing without it. 3 friggin' hours it took. My mug shot is dreadful, bearing in mind that I had no make up, hair straighteners, moisturisers, zilch, nada, nothing! As we were in transit between 2 airports we weren't allowed to reclaim our bags so all we had was some toothpaste and brushes. I looked like Shaun of the dead, hair sticking up, the remnants of yesterday's mascara. I was saving as much as I could so very carefully washed around my eyes!

After that medical registration, another hour, then Chris had to some stuff, another hour. It seemed to take forever.

Then we collected the hire car and are now in our hotel. We are both knackered. A bite to eat then off to bed as we have a long road journey to collect the dogs. It should take around 4.5 hours to get there, we will spend the night and come back on Thursday.

Friday will be the start of house hunting - I'm looking forward to that bit.

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