Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thunderbolts & fireflies

We had an enormous thunder storm last night, it is very satisfying and comforting lying in bed listening to the elements fight with each other. It is still going on this morning and is pouring from the heavens so I am a bit hotel bound today.

I am waiting for the gas man to call me, then I will drive over to the house and meet him. He is doing a safety check and switching the supply on. Speaking of the house, we went over for a nosey last night. It is coming along nicely and I have started taking some of my purchases there as the hotel room is becoming a little cramped.

There is a garage sale on Saturday. Well actually a pool side sale as it isn't actually in a garage, in my street so very handy. I am going along as there may be stuff like garden chairs and plants. I will have to be there around 6am, they start early here. I might meet more of the neighbours too.

Fireflies are amazing little insects, they are a type of flying beetle and their tail end lights up at night. They are in abundance here, probably because there are a lot of trees. It looks like miniature torches hovering in the air.

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