Saturday, 1 May 2010

Our last days in Ol' Blighty

We have now arrived in Washington DC. What bliss to have time to update my blog. The last week at home (?) is it still home or do I now refer to the USA as home? Either way the last week in the UK was stressful, tiring, emotional and fun. We had a fantastic night with our neighbours, about 17 plus kids, and close friends on Saturday 24th. Preparation was all in hand and when we got out of our bed on Saturday morning and opened the lounge blinds, there on the lawn were 3 barrels of beer! Turned out that one of the neighbours had been to the Promise Auction in our village hall on Friday night and won the bid for the left over beer. Lovely man decided to donate to the Kelly's for the party - I'll miss my neighbours, they are a lovely bunch.

We sat round our fire pit until the wee small hours drinking barrels of beer and enjoying good banter, the weather was on our side thankfully. There were a few sore heads the next day but we certainly made a memorable exit.

I thought I was being all strong and stoic and not going to get emotional. Pah, that was a farce. First, saying goodbye to my nephews got the back of my throat but I managed not to wobble. Then the time to say goodbye to my sister-in-law, well that was the start of the tears, then Kay and Nic both made me cry. What a waste of time putting mascara on!

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