Sunday, 9 May 2010

House hunting and other necessary stuff

We have viewed some really awful houses. I mean really awful, I wouldn't let the dog live in them. They were huge, actually way too huge for our needs. We shifted our preferences to condominiums which are compact but clean and bright.

We are going to see a condo tomorrow but there is also a 3 bed house that has come up. The house sounds good, it is currently being refurbished and we may even be able to chose the colour scheme. It is quite a common trend for communities to share a pool. This house is just two away from the pool. We had a sneak preview this afternoon of the outside of the house and it looks in good nick. This brings me hope as my philosophy is that if they take care of the outside then the inside should be good too. We have talked to the guy and he seems nice so keep your fingers crossed that it works out for us.

We have a fall back plan. If the house falls through then we may move into the condo that our predecessors are currently in. This is a condo with a small yard and also has access to a pool. It is a 3 bed, 2 floor condo so quite a good size.

I also test drove a car today, a Mazda CX7 which in USA standards is Small but in the UK it is a good sized SUV.

We took the dogs a walk in one of the parks and that was really nice, the dogs enjoyed it. Millie did her usual disappearing act and ran after a squirrel but she came back so I am not too concerned about letting her off the lead in the parks.

It rained this morning and was positively cool, although it was still short sleeve weather. I did put my jeans on though, the first time since we have arrived.

Looks like we will be living in this hotel for the next 3 weeks which will be tough but doable.

Can't wait to get a place to call home.

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